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    Closed-circuit TV, also called digital video surveillance, is basically the use of closed-circuit video cameras to send a digital signal to a certain area, usually on a restricted circuit. This type of security system has become very popular for businesses, especially since they are able to protect areas of their operations from unwanted or unruly intruders.



    With closed-circuit TV security cameras, you are able to protect your building from any unwanted activities or incidences. For those who cannot afford to buy and install cctv systems, there are still other options available in the form of analog cameras. Analog cameras allow you to monitor your premises from afar, which is convenient for those who are constantly away on business trips or vacations. Another downside to analog cameras is that because they do not have any digital features, they are not as flexible when it comes to choosing the best position to place the cameras.


    A television monitor is much more practical than a CCTV system to let you monitor what is happening in and around your home. There are a wide variety of LCD and plasma televisions that work perfectly in monitoring homes. These television monitors do not require CCTV cameras to be installed in order to record images. A television can capture video images in a number of different ways, such as through a digital recorder, VCR, DVR, or DVD recorder.


    With a television monitor, you can have all of the convenience and flexibility that you would from a CCTV system without the extra cost. If you already have a DVD player and receiver, you may want to consider buying an additional receiver that will allow you to view the images on your television screen instead of having to use the built-in receiver on your camera.

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